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EPL Talk: Robinho to Chelsea for John Terry?


Could Manchester City Send Robinho to Chelsea for John Terry: Here is your outlandish Man City rumor for the week.  Manchester City send Robinho and cash to Chelsea for England captain John Terry.  Not sure that I buy it happening, but both clubs should consider it.


TBL: U-20 Coach May Cost U.S. Soccer Another Star

portraitjpgU-20 Coach May Cost U.S. Soccer Another Star: U.S. U-20 coach Thomas Rongen was at least partially responsible for Neven Subotic departing the U.S. fold to play for Serbia.  Could a similar situation be developing with young Italian-American youngster Vincenzo Bernardo?

When Will the Yankees Swoop for Manny Ramirez?

ramirez-dodgers-hittingjpgManny Ramirez rejected the latest Dodgers contract offer.  The reported deal was two-years $45 million.  Ramirez would have made $10 million for 2009 and 2010, with $25 million deferred over the next three years.

The rejection has stalled negotiations.  No other clubs seem interested.  The Giants have been mentioned, but made no formal offer.  Other clubs seem scared by the financial commitment or the possibility of fanciful disruption.

Los Angeles doesn’t want to bid against itself.  Boras and Manny look stupid, if they don’t receive a deal significantly more than the two-years $40 million left in Boston.  He may not sign until the start of the season, or later.

There seems no more perfect time for the Yankees to swoop in to get him.

Ramirez makes the Yankees a much better team.  He offers another impactful bat to compliment Teixeira and Alex Rodriguez.  They will score more runs, will win more games and, probably, will distance themselves from the Red Sox.

The Yankees have seen the havoc Ramirez can wreak when he’s motivated.  They could expect that against the Red Sox 19 times next season, and possibly 26 if they meet in October.

It makes sense considering solely baseball.  It makes even more sense for PR.

The Teixeira slight was insignificant compared to the tweak Red Sox fans and management would get from Ramirez in the Bronx.  It would ramp John Henry’s hypocritical twaddle meter up to 11.  It seems like a classic Yankees move.

Signing Manny is also the only thing that would knock the Alex Rodriguez steroid-stain out of the perpetual media cycle, at least for a while.

There’s something to be said for financial prudence and fiscal responsibility, but when has that ever been the Yankee ethos?

TBL: Those Touting The Tigers Should Reconsider the Bullpen

zumayajpgThose Touting The Tigers Should Reconsider the Bullpen: The Tigers bullpen isn’t very good, as usual.  Do the people who think the Tigers will be contenders not realize this?

TBL: Much Ado About Andre Smith

andre-smithMuch Ado About Andre Smith: Has anyone else figured out why Andre Smith missing a day of the combine is an epic disaster that could drop him from the first round?  Me neither.

TBL: Champions League Round of 16 Preview

ibrahimovicChampions League Round of 16 Preview

TBL: Fox News Hates Soccer

brought-to-you-by-soccer-fans-for-truthFox News Hates Soccer: Here is my roundup of the weekend’s soccer action for The Big Lead.  It covers invincible Man United, invincible but unimpressive Arsenal, Real Madrid’s resurgence, Barcelona potentially withdrawing its MLS franchise bid and Fox News’ distaste for The Beautiful Game.  There’s also a sweet goal by Matty Taylor.