The Steelers Need a New Metaphor

steelymbeamThe Steelers Super Bowl victory sparked the traditional clichéd metaphors, conflating the football team with the town’s ethos.  Pittsburgh is a tough, lunch-pail town.  The Steelers played rough, no frills football.  It was an apt-metaphor for the stolid Steelers of yesteryear, but, as with many things, it ill fitted this goofy season.

Pittsburgh had the punishing steel curtain defense.  Their front seven was ferocious, and safety Troy Polamalu had already progressed from man to manimal.  The defense fit the stereotype, but the offense never did.

When is the last time a Steeler team couldn’t run the ball?  The Franco Harris or Jerome Bettis era teams would never have run outside the tackles as a first option inside the five yard line, scared that their feeble offensive line be overrun.  The Big-Ben led bunch, ultimately, were effective, but it was hardly Steeler offense.

This was not quite a characteristic Steeler outfit.  This team was different.  They deserve their own emblem.  It should be something that embodies this team, energetic, precise, devastating, ambiguous and light on their feet.  Clearly, the choice should be their beloved mascot Steely McBeam.

  1. howabout the pittsburgh scabies?

    that has a nice sound to it.

    /f the steelers

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