Cash Money Records Where Dreams Come True

lil-wayneI enjoy writing about sports.  I hope, sometime soon, to get paid a living wage for writing about sports.  Part of that dream, involves a lucrative part-time TV gig.  Given Lil Wayne getting a column on ESPN and a recent slot on Around the Horn, I feel I’ve gone about this the wrong way.

Goodbye journalism training and writing improvement.  Hello dreadlocks, weed and cough syrup.  You can make things move when you’re “the best rapper alive.”

Weezy’s appearance seems disturbing, but for what reason?  Is it that ESPN would stoop to the promotional low of having an unqualified rapper appear on Around the Horn?  Or, is it that the unqualified rapper, by most accounts, was a welcome respite from the nonsensical grandstanding of the qualified journalists? 


One thought on “Cash Money Records Where Dreams Come True”

  1. Ty, considering Weezy’s been blogging/podcasting for ESPN for months, and appeared on First and Ten recently, it seems more like “unqualified” applies to the guys with TV experience that Wayne’s persistently outshining on ESPN.

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