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OB: Americans are Heroic and Beckham Sets a Record

Americans Are Heroic and Beckham Sets a Record: Here is the roundup from a tepid international soccer weekend.  The U.S. fought back in the final 20 minutes to draw with El Salvador.  Beckham set record for most England caps by an outfield player.  Pele debuted with a lad.  Elton John is funding Watford’s transfers with a benefit concert.  Disaster at an Ivory Coast match.


I am now on Twitter.

I am now on Twitter.

Schilling Was Much Better Than Blyleven, Why the Debate

blySchilling Was Much Better than Blyleven: There seems to be a sentiment that Bert Blyleven has better numbers than Curt Schilling, and that if Curt Schilling goes to the Hall of Fame, Blyleven Should too.  This is the height of madness, which I explain here.

Why is baseball the only human endeavor where ignorance is considered a virtue?

The Relegation Rumble

john-portsmouth-football-club-westwoodjpgWith the top calcified, the most exciting action of the Premier League toward the end will be at the bottom.  I have been writing a series of previews of relegation threatened sides for EPL Talk.  Here are the links for Bolton, Sunderland, Portsmouth and Hull City.

Zinedine Zidane’s Son May Play for Spain

Zinedine Zidane’s Son May Play for Spain: Real Madrid starlet Enzo Zidane has just turned 14-years-old and will receive his first international call-up at Under-15 level.  Surprisingly for the son of a French legend, it will likely be for Spain.

Pirates’ Prospect’s Cougar Turns Cradle Robber

jose-tabatajpgPirates Prospect’s Cougar Turns Cradle Robber: The story is a bit sensational, but still batty.  Pirates prospect Jose Tabata’s 43-year-old wife, he is just 20, posed as an immigration official to steal a baby from a young Mexican couple.

Onion Bag: Who Pooped on Pele’s Cornflakes?

robinho2jpgWho Pooped on Pele’s Cornflakes: Pele trashes rivals and countrymen alike.  Manchester United are in freefall.  Steven Gerrard’s assault charges were dropped.  Are Newcastle too good to go down?