Is Steven Gerrard the Best Player in the World?

steven_gerrard_5_footballpicturesnetjpg Is Steven Gerrard the Best Player in the World: Zinedine Zidane said that Steven Gerrard may be the best player in the world.  I attempted an honest, sober assessment.  Not surprisingly, I was shouted down by a rabble of illiterate Liverpool fans.


2 thoughts on “Is Steven Gerrard the Best Player in the World?”

  1. As a semi-literate Liverpool fan I have to say that I partially agree with what you wrote, but not sure you’re completely accurate on all the facts. Don’t know if you were striving for hyperbole about the whole greatness without achieving the simplistic…Gerrard certainly makes his share of maddening mistakes and gives away possession but obviously wouldn’t be even in the conversation if he didn’t have mastery of basic skill. Maybe that skill is tainted by the occasional lack of measurement, as you mentioned, but it’s there nonetheless. And he isn’t subbed off late in games *that* often, maybe you’re thinking of Everton last year? You’re on point about that, Rafa made no bones about the reasons for his substitution, but Gerrard has since been on the pitch late in games save for injury. And I think the current system is designed to accommodate both him and Fernando Torres…granted Gerrard was there first, but the 4-2-3-1 has been poor without Torres. Plus, you can’t exactly call it “marooned” on the right wing when he puts up the highest goal total of his career. It’s a shame that most of the Liverpool fans immediately go to “you have a different opinion so you’re a c*#t,” because it’s a good conversation to have. For me he’s one of the best, but from week to week it can change.

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