Steve Schrader of the Detroit Free Pre …

Steve Schrader of the Detroit Free Press jumps on a blog post from (people wonder why newspapers are going out of business) discussing the possibility of the Lions getting Broncos’ quarterback Jay Cutler. Scharader’s contribution to the discussion is a question.

So should the Lions go for Cutler and risk having it blow up in their face — like it did with the Broncos’ run at Matt Cassel — and Daunte Culpepper will demand a trade, too?

In what world is Daunte Culpepper demanding a trade? To whom? He was available for nothing last year. The only team pathetic enough to pick him up was Detroit, and even that was mid-season. He hardly stabilized the position. He was worse than Orlovsky.

The Broncos’ move blew up, because they had an established quarterback who went to the Pro Bowl. Then the new coach denied it, lied to his face and insulted him while trying to assert his own authority.

The Lions were the worst team in NFL history last season. They did not win a game. They had arguably the worst offense and worst defense in the NFL. Why do they have an established starter at any position going into next season, and why are Daunte Culpepper’s feelings relevant?

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