Tony Kornheiser Twittering

t1_kornheiserjpgTony Kornheiser has been equally brilliant in print, on radio and on television.  Now, Mr. Tony is twittering.


3 thoughts on “Tony Kornheiser Twittering”

  1. Not him. Him through subcomandantes. There’s a difference.

    I should know: I tried to get him on right around the Super Bowl, sending emails back and forth to people with WaPo. He’s never going to tap the keys or play with the phone to Twitter.

    But even passed through a filter, he’s funny, I’ll agree.

  2. I find Twitter to be incredibly self-indulgent, almost the Pet Rock of all what is supposed to be good about the Internet. Twitter only became a name when they started to pay celebrities and networks to talk about it, at least that is my theory, but I’m stickin’ to it.

  3. I felt that way as well about twitter, before I started using it. In some sense it’s self-promotional shouting at one another. But, in a sense it’s also a distilled customizable Internet. So, basically I get the information, links and stuff I want without all the B.S.

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