Yankee Players Look Startlingly Like Yankee Fans

Faced with a potential crippling from the economic crisis.  Baseball seems to have stumbled upon a new marketing strategy.  Having teams resemble their fan bases.

The Red Sox spearheaded the movement last season.  To more closely model their New England demographic, Boston traded a black Dominican malcontent for a lily-white leftfielder who would not dare cause a ruckus.

Now the Yankees, with shorn hair and a faint film of grease, are racing to emulate their own fans.

derek2000x0432x577derek-jeter-400ds0703jpgjeter1jpgDerek Jeter has led the team forward.  Once a humble boy from Kalamazoo, the captain has now fully embraced his Jersey roots, adopting the fashion in both his casual and formal wear with accenting hair and chain.

Even when pensive, Jeter remains in the zone.

He has even become so dedicated that he has been seen trolling around New York college campuses and engaging in activities that may include Heinekens and Jagah-Bombs.

b-alex-rodriguez-fesse-4382a36b86e0alex_rodriguez-1jpgGiven his fixation, it is no surprise that third-baseman Alex Rodriguez has followed suit.  Not merely embracing the fashion, A-Rod has tried to backhandedly outdo his nemesis by more fervently encapsulating the narcissism inherent within the New York ethos.


Johnny Damon once would not let the queer eye guys touch him, now he has undergone a full-scale New York conversion to aid the cause.

agm-00927648085jpgTrue Yankee Jorge Posada has had no trouble embracing the new lifestyle.

New first-baseman Mark Teixeira was so eager to be a Yankee he has perfected the look from birth.


    • Al
    • April 30th, 2009


    • stef
    • November 19th, 2009

    I Love Alex Rodriguez ;]

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