Another Smattering of Big Lead Posts

In reverse chronological order…

Five Favorties For The 2010 World Cup

Should Baseball Writers Be Allowed to Speculate About Steroids

What Do The Twins Do With Joe Mauer?

Barcelona Are Champions of Europe

Hard For Graduates To Break Into Sports Business and Media

Champions League Final: Manchester United vs. Barcelona

Onion Bag: A Legend Retires


Least Valuable Premier League XI | EPL Talk

Least Valuable Premier League XI: This is not the worst team in the Premier League.  It is the least valuable.  This team would incite the masses with talent, with name recognition and with expense.  They would then fail pathetically.  This team could be composed entirely of Newcastle players, but we thought we’d include a few others to keep things interesting

Writing Dump From The Big Lead

I apologize to the two others following me on google reader.  It has been a little feverish running TheBigLead for the past couple of days.  Here are some links from the effort that involved actual writing.

Jake Peavy is a Product of His Home Ballpark

Top Shelf: Pens Beat Hurricanes 7-4

Golden State Warriors Spike Fan Site With Positive Comments

Wisconsin Bloggers May Have Scared Away a Top 30 Basketball Recruit

Baseball Player Spanking In South Carolina

Michael Silver Attacks Unconscionable Nickname of The Washington Redskins

Statistics Do Not Disprove Claim A-Rod Tipped Pitches

alex_rodriguez_150In her now infamous “A-Rod,” Selena Roberts alleges that Alex Rodriguez tipped pitches during blowouts while playing for Texas.  According to Dan Rosenheck of the New York Times, there is no evidence from statistics that Rodriguez tipped.  That is not necessarily true.

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