Roger Clemens’ Genius PR Move

Clemens-for-dickipediaRoger Clemens’ PR firm trotted him out on ESPN’s Mike and Mike in the Morning yesterday. The ploy was not ingenious. It reignited public scrutiny and offered a previously unknown critical work free publicity, without any perceivable benefit.

His reappearance also reignited the “debate” about whether Roger Clemens is telling the truth. Here is the evidence against Clemens.

His longtime personal trainer testified that he injected Roger Clemens with Steroids and Human Growth Hormone. Andy Pettitte corroborated McNamee’s testimony about him.

Traces of his DNA were found on syringes.

His wife admitted that Clemens’ personal trainer had injected her with HGH, and HGH was delivered to his home from steroid dealer Kirk Radomski.

Clemens also became a workout fiend, freakishly peaked in performance at an advanced age and had an incident of apparent roid rage.

What more conclusive evidence could there be besides a YouTube clip of Roger Clemens being injected?

Contrasting this well-grounded barrage is Roger Clemens’ word.

There are those who believe Roger Clemens used performance enhancing drugs and those who are in denial.


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