Why Does The Media’s Steroid Reluctance Extend to A-Rod?

alex-rodriguez1Why Does the Media’s Steroid Reluctance Extend to A-Rod? Through 43 games, Alex Rodriguez’ 2009 season has been underwhelming.  He’s hitting .223 and slugging .466, far lower than his career .304 and .576 numbers respectively.  He has hit 10 home runs in 148 AB, though eight (in 73 AB) have come in the homer haven that is New Yankee Stadium.  Rodriguez is clearly not the same player, and the media has exhausted its’ collective mental capacity to figure out why.


3 thoughts on “Why Does The Media’s Steroid Reluctance Extend to A-Rod?”

  1. It’s simple once off the juice you don’t have the power you had with the juice. The state run sports media won’t say that… Bobby Gee
    Check out my blog

    I saw a great sign in the stands. Ruth did it on hot dogs and beer.

  2. A-Rod had hip surgery this off season. Completely missed the 6 weeks of spring training, the entire month of April, and a week in May.

    There are MLB players who didn’t miss any time and needed to get to end of April/mid-May to warm up and start hitting. Those guys have close to or over 300 ABs, while A-Rod as of June 30 has only about 160.

    He’s still warming up, still recovering from surgery, yet still hitting in big spots somehow. Please do just a little research on a player’s current situation before crying about him not being the same player as he’s been due to not taking steroids anymore.

  3. Read what I wrote.

    Did not say that A-Rod’s performance decline was due to not taking steroids. Merely said it was plausible and should be part of the dicussion.

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