Canseco Claims There’s a Dirty Hall of Famer, Scary if True

jose-canseco-steroidsShockingly, since they did so much thorough, proactive reporting on performance enhancing drugs, the BBWAA may have been duped by a doper.  Jose Canesco told ESPN’s Pedro Gomez that baseball had a Hall of Famer who used performance enhancing drugs.

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Did Brian Sabean Really Just Trade a Top Pitching Prospect for Freddy Sanchez?

brian-sabeanThe San Francisco Giants traded Tim Alderson, one of their top pitching prospects, for Freddy Sanchez.  This move begs one question: how is Brian Sabean still general managing a major league baseball team?

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Phillies Get Cliff Lee, But Should They Have Stepped Up For Halladay?

The defending World Series champion Philadelphia Phillies traded for last year’s American League Cy Young award winner, Cliff Lee. The pedigrees sound tremendous. The Phillies landed Lee without giving up their most prized prospects. We hinted this might happen in June. That said, they may have made the wrong deal.

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Vick Penance Seems Perfectly Timed, To Diminish The Story

michaelvick_aboutRoger Goodell conditional reinstated Michael Vick, so that he would be able to return for the sixth week, Oct. 18-19. It appears to be wariness and excess punishment for a man fresh off a 23-month federal sentence, but the timing buries the story too well to be coincidence.

Vick’s punishment is longer than the common four games, but short enough for a team to sign him. It upsets no one. It neutralizes the partisans.  It is the perfect length to limit the controversy.

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What Will Arsenal Do With the Transfer Money from Manchester City?

Manchester City are spending their way into the Premier League top four.  Paradoxically, the club most amenable to their ambition is Arsenal, whom they wish to supplant.  The Gunners sold City striker Emmanuel Adebayor for £25m.  Less than two weeks later, they are prepared to sell them defender Kolo Toure for another £14m, as the 28-year-old Ivorian has been turned by the £100,000 per week wage offer.

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Rose Bowl Forced to Let in the Riff-Raff

the-rose-bowl-stadiumUtah’s untarnished and unrewarded season has aroused sympathy from the BCS.  Subsequent small conference juggernauts will not get equal determination of the title on the field (because that would be silly), but they will receive a hypothetical olive branch, the Rose Bowl.

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Billy Beane’s Bandwagon Is Diminishing

billybeane21In October 2006, Billy Beane’s Oakland Athletics won the first playoff series of his tenure.  Jim Caple wrote, “Amid our ‘You’re Exactly as Smart as This Year’s Winning Precentage’ sports culture, here’s a general manager who annually – and deservedly so – sits atop baseball’s Mensa list: Oakland’s Billy Beane.”

Last Friday, with the A’s mired in a third-straight losing season, Rob Neyer wrote this about Beane’s trade of Matt Holliday.

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