Celtics Sign Rasheed Wallace, Why the Vitriol?

Rasheed Wallace signed a two-year midlevel exception deal with the Celtics, for approximately $5.8 million per season.  Boston’s move has sparked dismissive reactions.  Why?

Wallace had a down year.  So did everyone in Detroit, not limited to the Pistons.  He’s still a guy who can put up 12-15 points a night with 7-8 rebounds and play good defense if he’s starting.  He won’t be.  The Celtics want him to probably play 20 minutes a night, lessening the burden on Garnett and Perkins during the regular season.  As an older player, Rasheed could, theoretically, thrive when asked to do less.

He’s not decisive for Celtic glory next year, but he’s experienced.  Wallace has been pivotal for a championship winning team.  He sounds like a decent pickup for a midlevel exception.

Wallace does have temperament issues.  But, that should not affect the Celtics.

His teammates always like him.  He won’t divide the locker room.  He’s entering an established team with strong leaders, so he won’t be able to divide the locker room.  Rasheed wants to win.  He gets listless when he doesn’t.  He’s never submarined a winning team.  There is no reason he does that to the Celtics.

Descending into hyperbole would be stupid, but this deal should improve the Celtics.  At worst, it is ineffectual.  It’s only a midlevel exception deal.  Why the vitriol?


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