Relationships Gone Wrong: Beckham and Donovan Duel

landy-and-becksSoccer has finally arrived in America.  The world’s biggest star and the biggest star of the U.S. National Team are teammates in an American league, making headlines internationally.  Unfortunately, the headlines stem from a risible feud that’s as public as it is juvenile.  The initial salvo came from Landon Donovan, who made disparaging remarks about David Beckham in Grant Wahl’s new book, The Beckham Experiment…. Relationships Gone Wrong: Beckham and Donovan Duel, MLS the Loser


7 thoughts on “Relationships Gone Wrong: Beckham and Donovan Duel”

  1. Donovan has a right to feel the way he does. But he needs to be a professional and not say things in public about Becks. This causes all sorts of problems within the dressing room.

  2. So there’s absolutely no chance of a Brokeback moment between the two ? So I’ll guess that they’ll have to call in Bruno to ail what irks them .

    Alan Parkins …….

  3. Tyler ,

    You know this whole experiment was doomed from the start to begin with. From purely a business standpoint this wasn’t a well thought out synopsis by the Galaxy at all.

    Now the relationship between the two has soured. And they’re merely covering it all up by using Band-Aid to cover a gun-shot wound. It goes a great deal deeper than Donovan is leading us to believe.

    See my piece on this very subject. Just click unto the text link provided below.

    Where Is The Love ?

    As and when you’re ready I’ll look forward to reading your comments.

    Alan Parkins

  4. For once, an athlete publicly aired his grievances with a teammate and I think the world is a better place for it. I’m tired of hearing that Donovan shouldn’t have gone to the press. It provided an honest glimpse for us as to what was going on. It made soccer interesting. No harm was done.

    If we’re going to have something called sports reporters in this country, what’s the point if teammates don’t even give honest answers about their teammates?

  5. OKonheim

    Where’s the world a better place for a bunch of self indulgent athletes of the type that both Donovan and Beckham are ? It’s not as if the Galaxy are that good to begin with ! They’re merely a circus act for everyone to watch them parade themselves up and down the field.

    Alan Parkins

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