Don’t Blame Beckham’s England Career

David Beckham gave a press conference, concerning his return to the LA Galaxy.  After Grant Wahl confronted him, the meme became how Beckham’s England career adversely affected his commitment to MLS.  Beckham has been culpable for much since his arrival in the US.  However, criticizing him playing for England is unfair.

Beckham misses MLS-time for international duty.  Every international player misses MLS time, because MLS does not honor FIFA’s international breaks.

He wants to play for England in the 2010 World Cup.  That makes him neither a monster, nor a shirker of responsibility.  In that respect, he’s normal.  He’s supposed to want to play for his country.  It is noble not selfish.  That is why FIFA mandates players must do so if called.

Beckham should have gone to AC Milan during MLS’ break if he had the opportunity.  Landon Donovan took the same chance, leaving for Bayern Munich.  The notion of a “loan” which American gasbags are too insular to understand was not the issue.

The problem was Beckham mishandled staying there.  He wanted a move to AC Milan.  He made a play for it in public.  He failed.  He alienated his fans and the country to whom he’s supposed to be evangelizing.

With impeccable hindsight, Beckham would have known Steve McClaren would come crawling back to him.  He would have stayed in Europe until 2010, only afterward considering a move to MLS.  But, that’s in the past.  His situation is unwieldy, but he has the right to play and to prepare in any way he sees fit, even if that’s another loan next winter.

Had Beckham known MLS would bring him back, he would not have sought to leave publicly.  This was his mistake.  MLS reacted righteously to his treachery, but their decision has left both parties in an untenable situation.

The two sides are caught in a sour marriage.  The abuse and pressure from outside throughout this MLS season will only worsen things.  Does the potential pain from divorce outweigh the festering tension of a continued relationship?

    • bobbygee
    • July 16th, 2009

    Every futebol player worth his salt wants to play for the national team. Screw the MLS and LA Galaxy Bobby Gee

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