Bloggers’ “Outrage” Over Erin Andrews Neither Hallow Nor Hypocritical

What happened to Erin Andrews was horrible, but it’s not sports blogs’ fault.

There is no causal relationship between a joke and a clothed photo and what happened.  There is no correlation.

Even if it at times bordered on “leering,” Erin Andrews’ ubiquitous presence on the blogosphere, and in the mainstream media, did not scatter seeds of sexual perversion into an otherwise innocent mind.  This incident was isolated and awful.

To suggest it was the logical progression of a pattern, or on a continuum with events already occurring is false logic and wantonly insulting.

It’s not hypocrisy or “hallow” that bloggers would be upset by this.  It’s normal.  We’re human.

The jokes will stop, but it’s from sensitivity and empathy, not guilt.

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