Why is ESPN Reporting The Favre Story At All?

The Brett Favre saga is annoying.  It annoys because no one cares anymore.  It annoys because ESPN reports constant updates on nothing.  We would all argue ESPN should cover the Favre story less, but why is ESPN covering it at all?

There are two possible stories.  Brett Favre comes back.  Brett Favre stays retired.  Once he decides, we will know immediately.  ESPN will dominate the story anyway.  The only difference to not covering it would be that the crawl would not read “Ed Werder reporting.”  It does not seem worth paying to keep people in Hattiesburg, Miss. indefinitely.

Favre controls the scoop.  Rachel Nichols can sit down there all week, but, in the digital age, Favre or Favre’s agent can call Peter King at a Boston Starbucks and King gets the story.  Even then, this is not the Pentagon Papers.  Hearing the information fifteen minutes earlier has no tangible value.

There is no value to the constant reporting from Hattiesburg.  There is no value to any of the reporting from Hattiesburg.  So why does ESPN persist?


2 thoughts on “Why is ESPN Reporting The Favre Story At All?”

  1. Thank you for writing this. In a week where ESPN decides not to cover rape charges against an NFL star, but goes breaking news with Tim Tebow not being named unanimously to the preseason SEC first team, it makes me want to bang my head with a Swingline that Favre continues to dominate my favorite football team.

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