Mitch Albom Believes You Have a Drinking Problem

How long does it take the Internet to pierce Mitch Albom’s ivory tower? About a week.  The distinguished columnist fired up the old e-mail machine to watch a clip of a drunk Lions’ fan on YouTube.  This screamed for context and credentials.  We laymen needed someone to comprehend it.  Someone with…a master’s in journalism.

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Cristiano Ronaldo Cursed By a Wizard

Real Madrid received a distressing letter that could spell disaster for the upcoming season. Superstar signing Cirstiano Ronaldo has been cursed, by a wizard.

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Onion Bag: Chelsea Defeated and Champions League Corruption

Oft We Mar What’s Well: Chelsea deservedly lost 3-1 to Wigan, staining their formerly invincible league record.  Petr Cech was red carded (“ejected” for you xenophobes of diction) for   tackling Hugo Rodallega in the box.  The resulting penalty gave the Latics a 2-1 lead they never relinquished.  It’s a great win for Wigan, but that is the same team who lost 9-0 combined to Arsenal and Manchester United earlier.

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Sven-Goran Eriksson’s Revolution at Notts County Was Short-Lived

sven-citySven-Goran Eriksson sparked an apparent revolution at Notts County in July. With Tord Grip and mysterious financial backing, he set off to dazzle the Football League like one of his secretaries. Hesigned legacy kid Kasper Schmeichel. He lured former England stalwart Sol Campbell with £60,000 per week till age 40 and a path into coaching.

Promotion seemed inevitable. A hasty vault from League Two to the Premier League seemed quite plausible. The fervor didn’t last long.

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Two Suggestions To Fix The Lifeless League Cup

5718369The League Cup stinks. It’s superfluous and boring. It’s the FA Cup with neither the romance nor the tradition. It’s either meaningless adornment for big clubs or a delusion for teams not good enough to win a real trophy. Other countries have only one cup competition. The League Cup shows us why.

Seeing Arsenal’s academy kids is the most exciting part of the League Cup, but it’s also its greatest insult. Arsenal, a club entering its fifth season without a trophy, does not care about winning it.

Ideally, the League Cup would disappear. It may be a sacrifice for the eventual European Super League. But, until that reality comes, and it will, here are a couple suggestions to inject some spice.

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Don’t Be a Sucker and Pick The Lions This Weekend

zornThe Redskins had a bad week.  The fallout has been rough.  A rookie linebacker was a dimwit.  Jim Zorn may be in trouble.  Morale is low.  Washington scored just nine points at home last weekend.  That said, they still did something the Lions have not done in nearly two years, win.

Inspired by Washington’s troubles, Pro-Lions sentiment has been simmering.  The Redskins expect a challenge.  The Lions “have a chance.”  They may even pull off “an upset.”  They won’t.

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Does Sex Improve Athletic Performance

tim-tebows-girlfriendTo sex or not to sex before a competition.  It’s a debate affecting all virile male athletes.  Do you fly onto the field with the flurry of post-coital testosterone or store up the masculine essence to unleash a wave unrequited fury on your opponent? The Indian National Cricket Team, ranked #1 in the world, has opted for boning.

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