Is The Dream Over For Freddy Adu?

adu_campbellsFreddy Adu was once the brightest star in soccer, not just in America but in the world.  He was a saucy little minx, outwitting defenders and attracting suitors such as Manchester United and Inter Milan.  He agreed to a five-year deal with D.C. United, delaying inevitable international stardom.  He was the savior.  But, six years later, his career has gone awry.  He can’t get a game in Portugal, and he’s an afterthought for the U.S. National Team.  He is drawing comparisons to Benjamin Button.  What happened?

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One thought on “Is The Dream Over For Freddy Adu?”

  1. Great post…I’m less concerned with his possible age issue, although it’s worth noting I guess. In hindsight the best move for him would have been to stay in MLS…his size, position, and technical ability don’t translate well over in Europe. Great hype that just fizzled, we should just accept him now as a decent American footballer..I doubt anything else he would have done in his career would have changed where he stands today.

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