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Ricardo_Clark_52a4.JPGJeter is Great, But Yankee Hit Record is Meaningless (The Big Lead)

Actually Coach, Michael Jordan Never Was Cut From His High-School Basketball Team (The Big Lead)

Onion Bag: U.S. Beats T&T, Very Close to Qualifying (The Big Lead)

A Michigan-Notre Dame Preview, Sort Of (The Big Lead)


Pistons Hire Cavs Assistant John Kuester, The Brain Behind Mike Brown

3386691054_fc62e9b91eJoe Dumars initially sought experience for his sixth head coach in 10 seasons.  Instead, he found Cavs’ assistant John Kuester, who has not head coached at any level since 1990.  Headline punsters will relish the pronunciation of his last name, but, beyond that, I haven’t a Kue how this will turn out. (Continued)

The Pistons’ Troubles Began Long Before Curry

The Pistons’ Troubles Began Long Before Curry.  Yesterday, the Detroit Pistons fired head coach Michael Curry after a disappointing 39-43 season and a first round playoff exit to the LeBrons.  The Pistons’ problem was, indeed, head coaching but it stems back to the summer of 2005…

Who Does Jay Mariotti Think He Is?

ricky_rubio_preparandose_lanzar_tiro_libreJay Mariotti asks “who does Ricky Rubio think he is?”  I ask “who does Jay Mariotti think he is?” because competent, dutiful writer does not seem an adequate description.

Mariotti rails against heathens who compare NBA prospect Ricky Rubio to Pete Maravich.  “They” make him cringe.  Mariotti uses the impersonal third person plural pronoun, because he cannot furnish a single example.  Not one quote.  Mariotti could be lazy or he could be inventing opposition to feed his contrarianism.  Either way, the only one disparaged is Jay Mariotti.

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