Paul Shirley’s Modest Proposal For Haiti Gets Him Fired From ESPN

ESPN cut ties with NBA player turned author Paul Shirley after an inflammatory column that criticized relief efforts in Haiti. Those of a certain bent will frame this politically and make him a martyr, but it’s not a case of valid viewpoint discrimination.  Shirley’s words were inexplicably ignorant.

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Since When Do They Teach “Looking Away” in Journalism School

In Sunday’s Detroit Free Press, Mitch Albom wrote, “Once upon a time, we looked away.”  Journalists eschewed private lives to focus on the sports.  Tiger Woods and TMZ are pushing sports into a gotcha culture of celebrity journalism.  Yesteryear was a simpler, purer form of journalism.  Now, it’s more complicated.  Albom’s lament is eloquent and concentrated, but it’s simplistic. Continued at The Big Lead

Mitch Albom Believes You Have a Drinking Problem

How long does it take the Internet to pierce Mitch Albom’s ivory tower? About a week.  The distinguished columnist fired up the old e-mail machine to watch a clip of a drunk Lions’ fan on YouTube.  This screamed for context and credentials.  We laymen needed someone to comprehend it.  Someone with…a master’s in journalism.

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U.S. Soccer’s Feud With Fox Sports’ Jamie Trecker

U.S. Soccer, like any sports organization has a combative relationship with the media that covers it.  Delicate gamesmanship and the massaging of truth are essential to public relations.  However, one reporter has particularly aroused resentment, to the point of being denied a credential to the World Cup.  That reporter is Fox Sports’ Senior Soccer Writer, Jamie Trecker.

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Big Lead Link Dump From Last Week

Wesley_Sneijder_smilingI was traveling the past week, and did not have time to post every Big Lead article.  Here are my posts from last week.

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Liverpool Mob Gets its Wish, Steven Cohen Resigns Over Hillsborough Comments

steven-cohenThe hate-fueled mob of Liverpool supporters has achieved its goal.  Steven Cohen, host of World Soccer Daily, announced yesterday that the Friday episode would be the last.  According to Cohen, the pressure came from neither sponsors nor Sirius but from threats to his family.

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