Red Sox Must Rebuild, But After 2010

The Red Sox-Angels series came to a “shocking conclusion” yesterday afternoon. It was shocking, if you blindly assumed the Red Sox would use their mystical prowess to pummel the Angels indefinitely.

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Honus Wagner Has “No Clear Numerical Edge” Over Derek Jeter. What?!

Honus WagnerJesse Spector of the New York Daily News asks, “Is Derek Jeter baseball’s best hitting shortstop of all time.”  While answering his question, he shows why adjusted OPS+ (and adjusted ERA+) is important.

Spector says Jeter is merely “one of the best” of all time, because he has “no clear numerical edge” on Honus Wagner.  Jeter has no edge on Honus Wagner, because Wagner was, compared to his contemporaries, a much better player.

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Tunnel Vision: Will New York’s Teixeira Love Threaten Joe Mauer’s MVP Season?

Nothing riles baseball minds more than an MVP debate, and the New York Times’ Tyler Kepner let the dogs out with this tweet about Mark Teixeira from Saturday’s wee hours.

“By the way, this is probably obvious by now, but Teixeira’s the AL MVP. No question, as Joe Torre would say.”

The AL MVP choice is obvious, but for Joe Mauer.

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New Batting Helmets: Baseball Players Are Not Too Bright

Rawlings unveiled its new S100 batting helmet, guaranteeing protection from pitches up to 100mph.  The current models are dent resistent to 70mph, making them worthless in a Major League context.

The Players’ Union fought doggedly against steroid restrictions, yet allowed it’s membership face death daily with nary a whimper?  That’s stupid.  Even more stupid is that some players will refuse to wear them.

Here was Mets outfielder Jeff Francoeur’s opinion.

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If David Ortiz Was Being Honest, Why Wait?

David Ortiz held his long-awaited press conference, discussing his reported appearance on the 2003 positive test list.  Ortiz denied involvement with steroids, blaming a tainted supplement.

“I definitely was a little bit careless back in those days when I was buying supplements and vitamins over the counter — legal supplements, legal vitamins over the counter — but I never buy steroids or use steroids.”

Ortiz delayed his response until receiving information about the test from the Players’ Union.  Fair enough.  But, if he had never knowingly taken steroids, why wait to say that?  Ortiz has perfect information.  He knows what he took.  Had he never taken steroids, he would know.

Honesty about steroids needed no delay.  Ortiz was not waiting to be honest.  He was ascertaining how honest he must be.

Canseco Claims There’s a Dirty Hall of Famer, Scary if True

jose-canseco-steroidsShockingly, since they did so much thorough, proactive reporting on performance enhancing drugs, the BBWAA may have been duped by a doper.  Jose Canesco told ESPN’s Pedro Gomez that baseball had a Hall of Famer who used performance enhancing drugs.

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Did Brian Sabean Really Just Trade a Top Pitching Prospect for Freddy Sanchez?

brian-sabeanThe San Francisco Giants traded Tim Alderson, one of their top pitching prospects, for Freddy Sanchez.  This move begs one question: how is Brian Sabean still general managing a major league baseball team?

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