Do UEFA’s Financial Reforms Unfairly Target Manchester City?

al-mubarak_lrg_03In an exclusive interview for the Guardian, Manchester City chairman Khaldoon al-Mubarak criticized Michel Platini’s planned control of football club expenditure. He has a point.

Platini wants new financial rules by 2012. Under those guidelines, Clubs would spend within their soccer-generated income. Failure to do so would end in a European ban. Khaldoon argues that this calcifies the status quo.

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Emmanuel Adebayor Lectures Arsenal Fans on Loyalty

Before playing Arsenal, former Arsenal striker Emmanuel Adebayor said Arsenal supporters are “not real fans.”

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The Most Expensive Transfer in Premier League History is…Carlos Tevez?

carlos-tevez-manchester-city-825x10Paul Doyle of The Guardian once described Carlos Tevez as “the rich man’s Dirk Kuyt.” That man may be far more rich than we thought.

Carlos Tevez left Manchester United for Manchester City, in a deal that reportedly paid Tevez’ handlers £25.5m. According to a new report in The Times, Tevez’ fee may really be £47m, nearly twice the initial figure. If true, that would dwarf the previous British transfer record – City’s buy of Robinho for £34.2m – and be the fifth largest transfer in history.

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Onion Bag: Arsenal, Beckham’s Red, Bad Refereeing

2008-07-11_223952-1Arsenal Statement: Arsenal’s new 4-3-3 formation eviscerated Everton’s defense for a 6-1 away win.  Cesc Fabregas, finally healthy, erupted with two goals and two assists reasserting his claim to be considered one of world’s best.  Van Persie, Arshavin and Denilson, the most underrated player in the EPL, were fantastic.  Vermaelen and Gallas were solid in central defense.  Even Nicklas Bendtner got a bit frisky in a new position on the right.  Arsene Wenger’s squad can beat anyone, when healthy.  It has been true the past few seasons.  The issue is depth.

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Five Stories To Watch For the Premier League Season

wags_wideweb__470x370,0Nouveau Riche: Manchester City spent nearly $160 million this summer on players and rude billboards.  The number excludes the combined $800,000 in salary, per week, said players will be paid.  Mark Hughes must make sense of a squad rife with well-recompensed strikers and fragile egos.  He must find another defender.  The players were pampered like big club stars.  They now need to earn that status, by qualifying for the Champions League.

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What Will Arsenal Do With the Transfer Money from Manchester City?

Manchester City are spending their way into the Premier League top four.  Paradoxically, the club most amenable to their ambition is Arsenal, whom they wish to supplant.  The Gunners sold City striker Emmanuel Adebayor for £25m.  Less than two weeks later, they are prepared to sell them defender Kolo Toure for another £14m, as the 28-year-old Ivorian has been turned by the £100,000 per week wage offer.

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