Let’s Stop Pretending Serena Williams Scandalized Society

While scribbling my soccer posts, I missed the rest of humanity going apeshit about Serena Williams. I saw a connection with neither an uncouth congressman nor a drunk egotist disrupting the sacrosanct VMAs. Three examples equal trend in journalism, but this one is tenuous.

Serena Williams is the victim of a double-standard. For once, it’s not because she’s black or because she’s female. It’s one of culture.

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Is Roddick’s Loss to Federer The Most Devastating Sports Loss This Century?

andy-roddick-400a0607Andy Roddick took Roger Federer to the limit. He appeared at times on the verge of a career-defining victory. But, by literally the slimmest of margins, Roddick lost. He faced the best, gave his greatest effort and was not good enough. It will affect his legacy. The difference between victory and defeat is soul-crushing. Could Roddick’s loss to Federer be the most devastating sports loss this century? We must consider two factors. (Continued at TBL)