David Beckham Unapologetic About Fan Incident

It has been a motif throughout his career, and David Beckham has again done the seemingly impossible.  He made a group of soccer fanatics sound gracious and mature.

Asked about picking a fight with one of his own fans, Beckham was unequivocal and unapologetic.

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AC Milan Pictures

5611_109964901226_89208196226_2653158_8089234_nThanks to Nutrilite for allowing me to attend their fan event with AC Milan.  Here is me with the still spectacular Clarence Seedorf.  More after the jump.

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Don’t Blame Beckham’s England Career

David Beckham gave a press conference, concerning his return to the LA Galaxy.  After Grant Wahl confronted him, the meme became how Beckham’s England career adversely affected his commitment to MLS.  Beckham has been culpable for much since his arrival in the US.  However, criticizing him playing for England is unfair.

Beckham misses MLS-time for international duty.  Every international player misses MLS time, because MLS does not honor FIFA’s international breaks.

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TBL: Kaka Moves From AC Milan To Real Madrid For a Record $94 Million

kaka-i-belong-to-jesusDeal Official: Kaka Moves From AC Milan to Real Madrid For Record $94 Million

Pending his official unveiling after international duty, Brazilian superstar Kaka (or KaKA! if you’re Dave O’Brien) has agreed to a world-record transfer from A.C. Milan to Real Madrid.  The final figure, about $94 million, significantly trumps the second largest transfer, Real Madrid’s purchase of Zinedine Zidane from Juventus for $75 million in 2001.  It was far lower than the $150 million offered by Manchester City in January.

Real Madrid Is Reconstructing The Death Star

imagesReal Madrid Is Reconstructing the Death Star: Florentino Perez took on the Real Madrid presidency just a few days ago, but he apparently is not one to dawdle.  The architect of the “Galacticos” era is recreating its present day equivalent, beginning with a reported $93 million bid that has been accepted by A.C. Milan for Brazilian star Kaka.