Why Does The Media’s Steroid Reluctance Extend to A-Rod?

alex-rodriguez1Why Does the Media’s Steroid Reluctance Extend to A-Rod? Through 43 games, Alex Rodriguez’ 2009 season has been underwhelming.  He’s hitting .223 and slugging .466, far lower than his career .304 and .576 numbers respectively.  He has hit 10 home runs in 148 AB, though eight (in 73 AB) have come in the homer haven that is New Yankee Stadium.  Rodriguez is clearly not the same player, and the media has exhausted its’ collective mental capacity to figure out why.


Statistics Do Not Disprove Claim A-Rod Tipped Pitches

alex_rodriguez_150In her now infamous “A-Rod,” Selena Roberts alleges that Alex Rodriguez tipped pitches during blowouts while playing for Texas.  According to Dan Rosenheck of the New York Times, there is no evidence from statistics that Rodriguez tipped.  That is not necessarily true.

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Yankee Players Look Startlingly Like Yankee Fans

Faced with a potential crippling from the economic crisis.  Baseball seems to have stumbled upon a new marketing strategy.  Having teams resemble their fan bases.

The Red Sox spearheaded the movement last season.  To more closely model their New England demographic, Boston traded a black Dominican malcontent for a lily-white leftfielder who would not dare cause a ruckus.

Now the Yankees, with shorn hair and a faint film of grease, are racing to emulate their own fans.

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Sully lands a two-book $3.2 million de …


Sully lands a two-book $3.2 million deal. The first – a stirring recollection of his heroic airplane landing. The second – inspirational poems. (Gawker)

Bonfire introduces the A-Roid cocktail. (SOX & Dawgs)

The New Yankee Stadium will be antimicrobial.  One suspects the hot dogs won’t taste as good. (SPORTSbyBROOKS)

Yesterday, was not the first time Mirko Vucinic missed a penalty. (Off the Post)

Max Kellerman isn’t the greatest interviewer, apparently. (Watchdog)

Barrel of Monkeys: Buster Olney Not Down With Disney World

1199876680_d6e575f1e8jpgBuster Olney dislikes amusement rides, refers to his son as “the Antichrist.” (Buster Olney Blog)

Wayne Rooney hires round the clock security, shockingly becomes most intelligent footballer. (WAGS Blog)

Ryan Mallett was arrested in Arkansas. (The Big Lead)

Theo Walcott’s girlfriend will appear in the next Harry Potter movie. (Dirty Tackle)

A-Rod’s son gets a little touchy feely.  Takes after his old man. (LoHud Yankees Blog)