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In Soccer, Size is Not Everything

Alexi Lalas told The Big Lead yesterday, he believed Landon Donovan was “one of the Top 20 players in the world.”  That’s nutty.  But, so were comments he made on The B.S. Report.  Lalas told Simmons “height” was becoming a more prevalent issue in soccer and that diminutive talents like Leo Messi were “a dying breed.”

Soccer players, as with all athletes, are becoming bigger, faster and stronger than before (through unnatural means?), but that does not give a team a decisive advantage.

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Chelsea’s UEFA Conspiracy Claims Are Laughable | EPL Talk

Chelsea’s UEFA Conspiracy Claims Are Laughable | EPL Talk.

Onion Bag: Drogba’s Rampage and Bendtner’s Pants-Down Night on the Town

The Big Lead » Blog Archive » Onion Bag: Drogba’s Rampage and Bendtner’s Pants-Down Night on the Town.

Onion Bag: Barcelona Reign in Spain

messijpgThe Big Lead » Blog Archive » Onion Bag: Barcelona Reign in Spain. Barcelona clinch the title.  Another flare-up from Joey Barton.  Espanyol win again.  The French League is actually interesting this year.  Best Greek match ever.

Champions League Semifinals: Chelsea vs. Barcelona

The Big Lead » Blog Archive » Champions League Semifinals: Chelsea vs. Barcelona. A preview of Chelsea vs. Barcelona.

Assessing the Champions League Quarterfinal Draw

riberyjpgThe Champions League draw was Friday.  Here are some quick thoughts on the matchups.

Villarreal vs. Arsenal: Arsenal will feel lucky to draw one of the two easiest quarterfinal clubs.  The Gunners are reloading.  Villarreal don’t have the firepower or the depth to cope.

Manchester United vs. Porto: Liverpool’s gobsmacking victory at Old Trafford erased any complacency.  United got the easiest draw.  Straight through to the semi-finals.

Liverpool vs. Chelsea: This matchup will be a forceful, physical test that is an assault to the eyes.  In 180 minutes of football, there may be one flowing move on the ground.  Our only solace is one of these two teams getting eliminated.

Barcelona vs. Bayern Munich: This pairing will set the pulse racing.  Both teams can score five and both can allow five.  Barcelona are still better, but expect fireworks.