Rose Bowl Forced to Let in the Riff-Raff

the-rose-bowl-stadiumUtah’s untarnished and unrewarded season has aroused sympathy from the BCS.  Subsequent small conference juggernauts will not get equal determination of the title on the field (because that would be silly), but they will receive a hypothetical olive branch, the Rose Bowl.

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The Big Lead Hodgepodge

I had to do some filling in for TBL yesterday.  Here are my posts.

uso-show-john-elway-defenselink-miljpgJohn Elway Is a Nice Guy, But is He Really a Role Model: Rick Reilly presents a charming story about John Elway and his half-nephew.  But, wouldn’t everyone be charming if they knew Rick Reilly was going to write a column abotu it?

utah-footballjpgThe Mountain West Conference Presents a Playoff Proposal: The MWC presented a plan to reform the BCS into a playoff system, with the minimum effect on the current system.  Not surprisingly, the primary beneficiary of said system would be the Mountain West Conference.

terrell-owens-cryingjpgCowboys Release Terrell Owens: If you are awake at 1:30 in the morning, you get the lede.