The Most Expensive Transfer in Premier League History is…Carlos Tevez?

carlos-tevez-manchester-city-825x10Paul Doyle of The Guardian once described Carlos Tevez as “the rich man’s Dirk Kuyt.” That man may be far more rich than we thought.

Carlos Tevez left Manchester United for Manchester City, in a deal that reportedly paid Tevez’ handlers £25.5m. According to a new report in The Times, Tevez’ fee may really be £47m, nearly twice the initial figure. If true, that would dwarf the previous British transfer record – City’s buy of Robinho for £34.2m – and be the fifth largest transfer in history.

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So, About Those Xisco Photos

e11f285c-d2a0-4184-a80b-e8555fc66b39jpgOnion Bag – So About Those Xisco Photos: Some interesting photos of Newcastle striker Xisco.  Liverpool beat Man U.  The Tevez affair is finished, save a Neil Warnock lawsuit.  The BBC apologizes for an Essien Rape Comment