If David Ortiz Was Being Honest, Why Wait?

David Ortiz held his long-awaited press conference, discussing his reported appearance on the 2003 positive test list.  Ortiz denied involvement with steroids, blaming a tainted supplement.

“I definitely was a little bit careless back in those days when I was buying supplements and vitamins over the counter — legal supplements, legal vitamins over the counter — but I never buy steroids or use steroids.”

Ortiz delayed his response until receiving information about the test from the Players’ Union.  Fair enough.  But, if he had never knowingly taken steroids, why wait to say that?  Ortiz has perfect information.  He knows what he took.  Had he never taken steroids, he would know.

Honesty about steroids needed no delay.  Ortiz was not waiting to be honest.  He was ascertaining how honest he must be.


David Ortiz’ Trouble May be Mechanical

david-ortiz_0jpgDavid Ortiz’ six for 43 start threatened to make me look like a real ass for picking him to win the AL MVP award.  However, the season is still crisp, and I’m not yet abandoning the big fella.

He mollified a few concerns, when he broke out with a triple in the Red Sox win over Baltimore yesterday.

There’s also this tidbit from MLB.com.  Apparently, Red Sox hitting coach Dave Magadan found a glitch in Ortiz’ swing that was slowing his bat speed.  He’s still not crouching and driving the ball like before his knee injury.  He may not be “ready to erupt.”  But, it’s still promising news.

A mechanical flaw seems more probable than errant, box-score based speculation of decline or steroid use.  Again, his adjusted OPS+ rose the first four years that MLB introduced drug testing.

David Ortiz Would Like You to Know That He is Alive and Well (Red Sox Monster)