Landon Donovan Has Swine Flu, Avoid Swanky Manhattan Beach Homes

landon_donovan_1Doctors diagnosed U.S. soccer star Landon Donovan with the H1N1 flu virus, commonly known as “Swine Flu.”  He contracted the disease in the United States, and presumably not from handling swine and or Mexicans.  He first felt symptoms last Sunday in Miami at U.S. training.

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The Beckham Experiment: Grant Wahl Fulfilling His Own Prophecy?

David Beckham escalated a conflict, placing himself and others in danger.  He picked a fight with a fan against former teammates, during a friendly, at home and in the most mellow sports city in the United States.  Puerile and desperate, his act hardly screams complacency.  The Beckham experiment looks destructive, doomed and predestined for cataclysm.  At least to those of us on the outside, it didn’t a few weeks ago. (Continued)

Relationships Gone Wrong: Beckham and Donovan Duel

landy-and-becksSoccer has finally arrived in America.  The world’s biggest star and the biggest star of the U.S. National Team are teammates in an American league, making headlines internationally.  Unfortunately, the headlines stem from a risible feud that’s as public as it is juvenile.  The initial salvo came from Landon Donovan, who made disparaging remarks about David Beckham in Grant Wahl’s new book, The Beckham Experiment…. Relationships Gone Wrong: Beckham and Donovan Duel, MLS the Loser