Do UEFA’s Financial Reforms Unfairly Target Manchester City?

al-mubarak_lrg_03In an exclusive interview for the Guardian, Manchester City chairman Khaldoon al-Mubarak criticized Michel Platini’s planned control of football club expenditure. He has a point.

Platini wants new financial rules by 2012. Under those guidelines, Clubs would spend within their soccer-generated income. Failure to do so would end in a European ban. Khaldoon argues that this calcifies the status quo.

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Could the Economy Create a Super League in European Soccer?

michel_platini_mene_le_jeu_par_petites_touches_a_l_uefa_resize_crop320par220jpgCould the Economy Create a Super League in European Soccer: UEFA is willing to listen to the ECA about creating a “Super League” in Europe.  It may sound far-fetched now, but if the buoying TV contracts begin to falter, don’t be surprised.