Why B.J. Raji Can’t Sue Sports Illustrated

bj-raji-1jpgFinally, I have found a use for my First Amendment Law class knowledge. Here is the reason B.C. defensive tackle B.J. Raji cannot sue Sports Illustrated for falsely reporting that he failed a drug test.

Sports Illustrated’s actions fulfill some of the requirements for libel, but not all of them.

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SI and B.J. Raji: Why is Sportswriting Seemingly Immune from Anonymous Sourcing Restrictions?

The Big Lead » Blog Archive » SI and B.J. Raji: Why is Sportswriting Seemingly Immune from Anonymous Sourcing Restrictions?.

What’s the Deal With the Jay Cutler Hatred?

cutlerjpgWhy does every NFL analyst hate Jay Cutler? Spare us the moralizing.

Denver tried to replace him with Matt Cassel. They failed. Despite blatant evidence this occurred, the Broncos denied it. Logically, he was a bit upset, no longer felt comfortable with the new coach and wanted to leave.

This happens in real life. Say you are married. You cheat with your secretary. You try to run away with her. It doesn’t work out. You are dishonest with your wife. When your wife finds out, she will justifiably want to leave you. She owes you no loyalty.

Say you are Mark Schlereth. You have a cozy gig on NFL Live. If you find out ESPN made a pay for Jay Glazer, specifically to take over your job. You are going to be upset. You will probably talkyell about the unfairness to anyone who will listen. If it weren’t so lucrative, you might consider quitting.

The NFL may be a business, but just like any other business, there are real people who get angry, often with reason.

Peter King says Jay Cutler will live to regret forcing a trade out of Denver and missing the chance to team up with Josh McDaniels. Cutler was willing to work with McDaniels. McDaniels spoiled the partnership.