If David Ortiz Was Being Honest, Why Wait?

David Ortiz held his long-awaited press conference, discussing his reported appearance on the 2003 positive test list.  Ortiz denied involvement with steroids, blaming a tainted supplement.

“I definitely was a little bit careless back in those days when I was buying supplements and vitamins over the counter — legal supplements, legal vitamins over the counter — but I never buy steroids or use steroids.”

Ortiz delayed his response until receiving information about the test from the Players’ Union.  Fair enough.  But, if he had never knowingly taken steroids, why wait to say that?  Ortiz has perfect information.  He knows what he took.  Had he never taken steroids, he would know.

Honesty about steroids needed no delay.  Ortiz was not waiting to be honest.  He was ascertaining how honest he must be.


Canseco Claims There’s a Dirty Hall of Famer, Scary if True

jose-canseco-steroidsShockingly, since they did so much thorough, proactive reporting on performance enhancing drugs, the BBWAA may have been duped by a doper.  Jose Canesco told ESPN’s Pedro Gomez that baseball had a Hall of Famer who used performance enhancing drugs.

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Why Does The Media’s Steroid Reluctance Extend to A-Rod?

alex-rodriguez1Why Does the Media’s Steroid Reluctance Extend to A-Rod? Through 43 games, Alex Rodriguez’ 2009 season has been underwhelming.  He’s hitting .223 and slugging .466, far lower than his career .304 and .576 numbers respectively.  He has hit 10 home runs in 148 AB, though eight (in 73 AB) have come in the homer haven that is New Yankee Stadium.  Rodriguez is clearly not the same player, and the media has exhausted its’ collective mental capacity to figure out why.

Bloggers vs. MSM: Ibanez, Steroids and Credibility

The blog Midwest Sports Fans received criticism for a post about Raul Ibanez.  The post addresses Ibanez’ uncharacteristically hot season.  It uses an array of sophisticated statistical analyses to disprove steroids were the cause.  It concludes, soberly, that any such statistical leap by a player past his physical prime would be under suspicion.  He makes no claim that Ibanez used steroids.

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Roger Clemens’ Genius PR Move

Clemens-for-dickipediaRoger Clemens’ PR firm trotted him out on ESPN’s Mike and Mike in the Morning yesterday. The ploy was not ingenious. It reignited public scrutiny and offered a previously unknown critical work free publicity, without any perceivable benefit.

His reappearance also reignited the “debate” about whether Roger Clemens is telling the truth. Here is the evidence against Clemens.

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