U.S. Soccer: Endemic Delusions That Perpetuate Mediocrity


We documented U.S. soccer’s hostility toward a critical journalist. We mentioned their campaign of misinformation.  This matters because most in the United States are not well grounded in soccer. They’re undiscerning about information. This results in delusions that ramp up hype and subsequent revenue, but eliminate accountability.

Progress.  To the public, U.S. Soccer’s summer was golden.  The USMNT upset Spain 2-0, and took a 2-0 lead into halftime against Brazil.  Not to crap on those accomplishments, they deserve praise, but we should view the summer comprehensively.

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U.S. Soccer’s Website: News, Information and Propaganda?

Bob+Bradley+-+USAU.S. Soccer, like most sports organizations, is trying to get hip to this internet fad.  Their website now produces its own content, including print and video news reports, a blog and exclusive multimedia, but, as with any self-funded enterprise, the question is how much of the content is genuine and how much is propaganda.

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U.S. Soccer’s Feud With Fox Sports’ Jamie Trecker

U.S. Soccer, like any sports organization has a combative relationship with the media that covers it.  Delicate gamesmanship and the massaging of truth are essential to public relations.  However, one reporter has particularly aroused resentment, to the point of being denied a credential to the World Cup.  That reporter is Fox Sports’ Senior Soccer Writer, Jamie Trecker.

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