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Big Lead Link Dump From Last Week

Wesley_Sneijder_smilingI was traveling the past week, and did not have time to post every Big Lead article.  Here are my posts from last week.

Onion Bag: Man U Frenzy, Brawl at Chelsea’s Training Ground

The Ultimate 11, by Position, with WAGs

Violence Erupts During West Ham-Millwall Soccer Match

Chris Berman Emerges From Lair, Speaks to Greater Southington Chamber of Commerce

Perpetual Victim Lenny Dykstra Now Alleging Insurance Fraud

Five Reasons No One Will Be Watching Baseball in 20 Years

Onion Bag: Sneijder to Inter, Diving and Drunks


EPL Talk: West Ham’s Takeover Is Well-Considered, Stable and Boring


West Ham’s Takeover Is Well-Considered, Stable and Boring: For those not emotionally invested, the sale of a prominent Premier League club is chum in the water.  We want easily caricatured nutballs in charge, huge transfer budgets, grandiose schemes destined to fail and decimations of the club’s staff.  We want entertainment.

So, About Those Xisco Photos

e11f285c-d2a0-4184-a80b-e8555fc66b39jpgOnion Bag – So About Those Xisco Photos: Some interesting photos of Newcastle striker Xisco.  Liverpool beat Man U.  The Tevez affair is finished, save a Neil Warnock lawsuit.  The BBC apologizes for an Essien Rape Comment